Let's Paint Floof Cats!

In this fun painting class I'll teach you all about creating wet on wet watercolor cats, or in other words Floofs! I do this through 4 unique watercolor projects; each complete in itself. Each project has it's own focus from floof cat heads, tabby floof, siamese floof and finally floof cat on head! You will learn:

*How to paint with wet on wet watercolor in realtime to help you learn timing!

*A complete PDF supply list included!

*Follow along as I share all my mishaps and discovery and how to navigate them along the way!

*Learn from a kitty painting pro! Instagram!  https://www.instagram.com/terryrunyan/

This class is for beginners through seasoned watercolor artist looking for tips in tricks. You will also get a practice a project or two from my new book Painting Cats - Curious, Mindful & Free-Spirited Watercolor.  


Share your work here for feedback plus join the Daily Creating Group to connect with other like minded artists!


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