In this course, Let's Paint Cats - Fun Watercolor Kitties, I will share with you all about using watercolor to create cats! There will be tons of tips in trips I've learned after years of kitty painting! 

This is a fun and loose way to approach the subject of cats which combines feline personality and unexpected color use. The project will help you get a handle on using watercolors so you can apply it to all types of subjects.

There are three full realtime painting projects for you to follow as well as a complete supply list I use during the lessons.

I mention in this course about my book Painting Happiness - Creativity with Watercolor. If you are interested you can find it HERE!

If you love cats and want to paint them, you are in the right place! So Let's Paint Cats!


You will be exploring three different projects in this course. The lessons are recorded in realtime so you can follow along and learn as we go. There are stopping points where you can pause the video to mix paint, consider your next move, dry your painting with a hair drier or just take a break.  

All three projects are my personal work that you are welcome to learn through copying. When posting any work that is a close copy, please tag me as the original artist with @terryrunyan. 

During the lessons, or after you have completed them, I encourage to bring your own style, your own voice, to your work by switching things up! You can change the layout, colors, shapes, faces, eyes and expressions just to name a few options. 

Please share you project in the comments section. I keep an eye on things there and would love to see what you are up too. You can also share it in the Daily Creating Group. If you are not a member you can join HERE!

Keep playing with creating! The more you play the more you will get to know your own unique voice!

Happy painting!

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