About the class

Welcome to Embracing the Wonky - Celebrating Your Unique Voice in Drawing and Watercolor!  I’m so glad you are here!  

I’m Terry Runyan, visual artist and creative encourager, and I’ve been creating art for decades. I worked for Hallmark for 30 years then retired to start my own business teaching classes, licensing my work, writing books, selling on line and in art shows and a whole host of other fun projects. You can find me here: https://www.terryrunyan.com

In this class we are going to learn all about drawing and painting from life and making stuff up while keeping an open mind about the wonkiness that shows up. Wonkiness can be seen as part of our unique style, like a signature, and it is fun to see it from this new point of view.

You will also learn:

*Creating outside your comfort zone through blind contour, eye hand coordination, memory drawing and making stuff up.

*Drawing by following edges and drawing shapes.  

*Warm-up exercises in drawing and watercolor. Plus learn about using watercolor.

*The importance of creating often and keeping a sketchbook.

*Dealing with perfectionism and the inner critic and fun over perfection.

*Breaking the “rules” and much more.

I also share around the importance of creating often to stay in the conversation with creativity. I invite you to share your projects in the comments section and/or in the Daily Creating Group!  This is any easy going group of like minded creatives sharing what they are working on. You can find it here:  


You can also share what you create on Instagram by using the hashtag #embracingthewonky. I would love to see what you are creating!

Thanks so much for joining the fun!

Happy Creating!


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