Embracing the Wonky

Celebrating Your Unique Voice in Drawing & Watercolor


I’m Terry Runyan, visual artist and creative encourager, and I’ve been creating art for decades. I worked for Hallmark for 30 years then retired to start my own business teaching classes, licensing, writing books, selling on line and in art shows and a whole host of other fun projects. 

In this class...

*Learn all about drawing and painting from life.

*Plus make stuff up while keeping an open mind about the wonkiness that shows up. 

*See wonkiness as part of our unique style.

*Creating outside your comfort zone.

*Drawing by following edges and drawing shapes. 

*The importance of creating often and keeping a sketchbook.

*Dealing with perfectionism.

*Breaking the “rules” and much more.

What Students are Saying...

Terry Runyan is an excellent teacher. She is engaging, friendly, and relatable. I learned a lot about sketching and watercolor in this class. I really enjoyed this class and plan on taking more of her classes.  Teresa W.

Great class! Wonderful and inspiring to see Terry paint subjects that were out of her comfort zone. Personally, I’m definitely going to celebrate the freedom of the wonky. :-) Marta V.S.

Superb class as all from Terry. I recommend it for all that want to learn more about watercolor and how to deal with the inner and outer criticism…love all her classes! Ina G.

Such an inspiring class! Terry can launch anyone out of their creative hibernation. My art tends to be wonky and I always thought it was marginal at best. But I’m beginning to embrace it as I dive deeper each day into my sketchbook practice. My favorite line from Terry’s class is this “Your wonkiness is more like your signature” Thank you Terry, for inspiring me once again! Flo F.

Unlimited Access

Hi! I'm Terry Runyan and this is my buddy Tucker!

Tucker and his sister Rylee love to hang out in my studio and join me with creating. The hair in my work is just a bonus. ; )

I'm a visual artist and creative encourager and love sharing around creativity, being an artist and teach classes on all things creative.

I hope you will join me as we play with our creativity!