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Welcome to Mixing It Up!! 

In this class you'll be learning all sorts of ways to create mixed media illustration and art using everything and anything. We will be experimenting with all sorts of supplies including (but not required) graphite, colored pencils, pen & ink, acrylic paint pens, found papers, painted papers, Washi tape, acrylic gouache, watercolor and, of course, the kitchen sink! Basically whatever you have on hand will work including crayons!

We will be using what we create to put together a simple layout art where experimentation is encouraged. The more fun and mess you can make the better. Anything can be used with mixed media creations.

Daily Creating Group - I'd love for you to join us! This is a great place to share your projects and connect with other artists! A new set of prompts is shared every Sunday for the week ahead. You can join the group here:


Resource & Supplies - During this class I will share with you all the resources that I'm using and they can be found here along with in the attached PDF:


Pinterest Pattern Board - We will be creating lots of fun patterns to use in our projects. You can find the board here:  


In your class project you will be creating grid with the papers you have created and the supplies you have on hand. The grid will be on square or rectangular paper and will look like this: 

After creating a pattern or texture in each grid space, you'll glue them down and add motifs of your choice. You can add paper (or painted/drawn) birds, cats, faces, plants or anything you can think of. While adding details to finish it off. Here is my cat example:

If you would like, you can share process pictures to your project along with the final piece in the comments sections or at the Daily Creating Group. It will be so fun to see how each of you create your own unique finished work! Even though you will be creating to a set composition, the amazing variety that is possible will be fun to see!  

**Please also know that if you choose not to create within the grid pattern you are welcome to share your mixed media piece in whatever layout it takes!! The most important thing here is to have fun!

Music Used:

**Kick the Can The Mini Vandals: Sections 1, 6 & 11

**Bongo_Madness-Quincas: Sections 2, 7 & 12

**Mr Sunny Face Wayne Jones: Sections 3, 8 & 13

**Tango de la Noche-Wayne Jones: Sections 4 & 9

**Merengue de Limon Quincas: Sections 5 & 10

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