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Welcome to Simple Animals Simple Stories - Cute Illustration with a Narrative!

I'm Terry Runyan, visual artist, and I will be sharing with you how you can create cute animals while telling a story with your art.

I have been illustrating cute animals and visual stories for well over 35 years. I spent 30 years as an in-house illustrator for a social expressions company where I created cards, children’s books, gift items and numerous other storytelling product.

In this class you will learn:

*How to tell a simple story through illustration and art.

*How to create cute animal characters for your story.

*How to bring your illustration to the next level with story telling.

*The difference between decorative and pattern art compared to storytelling.

*How to pull story ideas from your own experiences.

*How to pull story ideas from research without copying.

*How to pull story ideas from research without copying.

*How to use facial and body expression to tell a story.

*Using anthropomorphizing on animal characters.

*How to use props and a cast of characters for storytelling.

You might be interested in two books I just completed about drawing animals and characters. The books will be available are available here:  


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