Discovering Your Art Style Through Daily Creating

*Discover your unique style through daily creating.

*Find inspiration and creativity show up with you show up.

*Keep creating regardless of the inner Critic. 

*Get ideas! Prompts list, exercises and lots demonstration.  

*Explore through drawing, painting, collage and mixed media. 

*Bonus Procreate digital art demo.

*This class will help you see your style bloom!

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What students are saying...

Terry is the most inspiring engaging instructor!  She launched me back into creating. She is fun and filled with great tips. I LOVE her work and her enthusiasm is contagious. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. Take all her classes, she’s fantastic!

-Flo F.

I really love how Terry teaches and talks about her inner critic so honestly while sharing about what to do with it. Very inspiring and watching her create makes me giggle and brings me joy. Thank you, Terry! 

-Katrina D.

Hi! I'm Terry Runyan and this is my buddy Tucker!

Tucker and his sister Rylee love to hang out in my studio and join me with creating. The hair in my work is just a bonus. ; )

I'm a visual artist and creative encourager and love sharing around creativity, being an artist and teach classes on all things creative.

I hope you will join me as we play with our creativity!