Loosening Up! Perfectly Imperfect Watercolor

*This class is for anyone, from beginners to more advanced painters.

*Learn to loosen up and play more with watercolor painting. 

*Begin with supplies and move our way through several painting practices

*Flowers to cats but staying open to whatever creativity shows up in the moment!

*Jump in and follow the flow of paint and inspiration while staying open to the unexpected. 

*Anything goes as we play and loosen up with our creativity.

Unlimited Access

What students are saying...

Terry is incredible and creates cats that anyone would love learning to paint! I enjoy the way she encourages exploration. She motivated me to reach beyond and keep creating no matter what. Her classes are fun, inspirational, and easy to follow. Take all her classes, you’ll enjoy them immensely! Who wouldn't want to paint a Flower Cat. Joan C.

I had so much fun doing this class. Terry was engaging and encouraging, and as soon as I finished one wildflower or cat painting, I couldn’t wait to try another. As a matter of fact, I’m going to paint more flowers as soon as I finish posting this review! Thanks for a terrific class! Marjorie M.

Hi! I'm Terry Runyan and this is my buddy Tucker!

Tucker and his sister Rylee love to hang out in my studio and join me with creating. The hair in my work is just a bonus. ; )

I'm a visual artist and creative encourager and love sharing around creativity, being an artist and teach classes on all things creative.

I hope you will join me as we play with our creativity!